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Chocolate Doughnut Earrings | click read more for the review! ^▽^ 

Sponsored Review

Okay first I’d like to start off thanking blippo for sending me these very cute chocolate doughnut earrings. 

The earrings arrived a few weeks ago which was only about two weeks after I ordered it which was a decent amount of time. I’m so happy I can finally review these cute earrings because I haven’t really had the time. 

As you can tell from the photos the earrings are very cute! It matches practically everything I wear.

The earrings are very comfortable and they never fall out of place. Also usually I would have an allergic reaction to fake jewelry, but with these earrings there were no problems!

The earrings are fairly small (1.8 x 1.8 x 0.4 cm) which is a good thing of course because the earrings shouldn’t wear down your ears. These earrings weren’t heavy at all. In fact the earrings feel very nice to wear.

Overall, the earrings are very cute and comfortable. I’d recommend them to anyone who loves jewelry and donuts! There were no problems with the earrings at all. They were just as I expected.

These chocolate doughnut earrings get a 10/10!  

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